Beyond delicious meat alternatives

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Beyond delicious meat alternatives

Looking for an exciting meat alternative, but don’t want to give up your burgers and hot dogs? Beyond Meat is now available at Woolworths and has you covered.

Looking for an alternative to meat in the new year? You can now find the Beyond Meat plant-based products at Woolies, including the Beyond Meat burger, Beyond meat Italian sausage and Beyond meat bratwurst. For those trying to limit their meat intake, there’s no reason not to enjoy that delicious hot dog or to miss out on burger night. Plus, they contain no soya or gluten. Dig in!

Serving suggestion: Cook the Beyond burger patty according to package instructions. Place on a toasted sesame burger bun with gem lettuce, sliced tomatoes, vegan mayo and hummus. For the hot dog, cook the sausage according to package instructions, then place it on a Woolworths ultimate hot dog bun with red cabbage, cucumber, spring onion, pickled red onions and sliced jalapeños.

Shop Beyond Meat plant-based products at Woolworths now.






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