SPONSORED: Beyond snacking: 5 genius ways with Ryvita®

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SPONSORED: Beyond snacking: 5 genius ways with Ryvita®

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with cheese and crackers, but why stop there? Ryvita® is the perfect foundation for OTT open sandwiches, crush Ryvita® to make breadcrumbs for bakes and desserts or dip Ryvita®in melted cheese and creamy dips for the easiest party appetiser.

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Go beyond boring toast with Ryvita® crispbread. Whether you need a quick, on-the-go breakfast or want something light, Ryvita® crispbread always does the trick.

1. Quick breakfast: jammy eggs

No need to pop a slice of bread into the toaster, Ryvita® crispbread is already crunchy. Top with a jammy egg and serve with cold meat or slivers of anchovy for a speedy breakfast that will keep you going until lunchtime. Need to brush up on your egg-boiling skills? Use our easy guide to get it right!

Get the perfect jammy eggs here.

2. Feeling peckish: broccomoli

Not too famished for lunch but still want something to nibble on? This broccomoli is a twist on regular guac and will be perfect with Ryvita® crispbread. Spread it on thickly or serve as a dip to tide you over until lunch.

BEETROOT-WRAP-CHIPS-AND-BROCCOMOLIGet the recipe for broccomoli here. 

3. Picture-perfect lunch: cream cheese and cold-smoked trout

Just because a recipe is easy doesn’t mean it won’t look delicious. Cream cheese, cold-smoked trout and mini cucumbers come together to make an appetising lunch that looks and tastes amazing.

Get the recipe for cream cheese and cold-smoked trout toasts here. 

4. Feeling fancy: dairy-free fondue

Have a few friends coming over? You can’t go wrong with cheese and wine. Revisit an old dinner party classic – makes a cheese fondue and use Ryvita® crispbread as dippers. This version is dairy-free, ensuring your guests will enjoy the menu regardless of their dietary requirements. Dairy-free-fondu Get the recipe for dairy-free fondue here. 

5. 25-minute dinner: ravioli with crispy caper and olive breadcrumbs

Whether you got stuck in traffic, don’t feel like cooking or find yourself pushed for time, skipping dinner is not an option. Cut corners with fresh pasta – it cooks in no time. Use pasta sauce from the jar, or make your own pangrattato by swapping breadcrumbs for crushed Ryvita® crispbread. Dinner is ready in a snap! Get the recipe for ravioli with crispy caper and olive breadcrumbs here. 

For at home and on the go, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for picky eaters and foodies, Ryvita® is made for everywhere, every time and everyone.  From its simpler flavours such as dark rye and multigrain to unique flavours such as muesli crunch and red quinoa and sesame seed, Ryvita® crispbreads offer a wholesome and delicious taste.

Shop at Woolworths. 

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