Beyond the G&T – try these tonic drinks this summer

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Beyond the G&T – try these tonic drinks this summer

We all know and love the G&T – but there are some delicious tonic-based drinks out there that you should definitely be looking into! Here are three of our favourite mixes right now …


There’s the always-popular G&T

The day or night before, make some pretty fruity ice cubes by freezing red berries and sliced limes in an ice tray. Once frozen, add to a glass and add 50 ml quality gin (we used Inverroche). Top with Fever-Tree Premium Indian tonic, add pomegranate rubies for festivity, and enjoy!

Here are some other tonic-based drinks to try:

The tequila tonic

Dip the rim of the glass in agave syrup – or wet with water or lime juice. Rim the glass with salt and lime zest. Add ice and 50 ml quality tequila to the glass. Top with Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic and garnish with lime peel and edible flowers. (Note: lime blossoms are not edible – they should just be admired and enjoyed for their fragrance.)

The vodka tonic

To a tall glass, add some nice big ice blocks. Add 50 ml quality vodka, a splash of olive brine (optional), and top with Fever-Tree aromatic tonic. Add green olives as garnish and off you go, you classy drinker.

The negroni tonic

This one’s for all those who love a negroni but find it rather strong – the tonic allows you more time and volume to savour the drink. In a highball glass, combine ice, 50 ml quality gin, 25 ml sweet vermouth and 25 ml Campari. Top with Fever-Tree naturally light tonic water and garnish with ruby grapefruit. Cheers!

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