Big tastes from Kleinriver cheese

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Big tastes from Kleinriver cheese

From Kleinriver cheese in the Overberg comes truly delicious and uniquely South African cheese. Make a mental note to add them to your next shopping list.


From the lovely Overberg town of Stanford comes delicious Klein River cheese – uniquely South African, made in the traditional way by a small family-run estate. Klein River crafts five types of cheese that can be found at Woolworths, two of them exclusively. These include flagship Gruberg, as well as havarti, raclette, Overberg and oak-smoked Stanford.

It is the sweet Stanford grass – and the pasturefed Jersey cows – that lend these cheeses their wonderful flavour. Coupled with environmentally conscious methods and artisanal attention to detail, this is real cheese, made slowly and with purpose.

And how should you be enjoying these cheeses? There are a myriad options, but we would not say no to a good helping of Gruberg in a griddled croque monsieur. The Overberg cheese works a charm in this whole roasted cauliflower with 3-cheese sauce, and the oak-smoked Stanford would really be suited to a gourmet pizza.

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