Braai the perfect steak, every time

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Braai the perfect steak, every time

Braai beloveds!


3 tips to cooking the perfect steak:
1. Remove the steak from the fridge at least 10 minutes before cooking to allow the meat to reach room temperature.
2. Pat the steaks dry before cooking so the steaks seal better, locking in the juices.
3. To ensure a well-sealed steak, rub it with oil before cooking.

Use the “touch test” to establish whether your steak is done to your liking:
– a medium-rare steak will be soft when pressed with your finger
– a medium steak will be a little springier, and
– a well-done steak will be firm

Braai serving suggestions:
– Cook wors on the braai and serve with chargrilled sweetcorn on the cob.
– Cook the steak and ribs to your liking and serve with chimichurri, grilled peppers and matchstick potato chips.

Sunny skies, braai smoke and the best local meat. And there’s no better place to get it than Woolies. Try thick-cut rump steak, free-range lamb loin chops, Grabouw boerewors or sweet-and-sticky pork loin ribs. All Woolworths’ meat is succulent and full of flavour, expertly trimmed and aged to perfection.

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