BREAKING: Santa goes on strike

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BREAKING: Santa goes on strike

Santa has lost his mojo. He’s ready to give it all up and retire to the coast! Do you think you can help?


Nothing is going according to plan for Santa and he really needs to get excited about Christmas again. Help him find the magic in Christmas again.

We need you to embark on a journey with Santa to find more magic, more sparkle and more fun. With the assistance of Santa’s helpers Tinsel, Claws and Jingle over the coming weeks, we’re going to help Santa to remember the job and fun that Christmas should bring and ultimately get him excited again!

Where is the first stop? Woolworths because they know how to make your Christmas extra special! From stocking fillers and teachers gifts, to the most awesome gifts for him and her, and all the kids in the family! Let’s not forget about all the great solutions to help your wallet like amazing gifts under R100 or R200.

Woolies has everything you want and more so let’s find the magic in Christmas.

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