Eating on a budget: 5 inspired meals on toast

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Eating on a budget: 5 inspired meals on toast

It’s the last stretch before pay day for some of us, which usually means a tight food budget. If you’re going for broke, Hannah Lewry has come to your rescue with five tasty meals on toast that won’t break the bank.

Gourmet beans on toast

Mix 1 x 400 g can drained cannellini beans with 1/4 finely chopped red onion, 8 quartered cherry tomatoes, 1 finely chopped red chilli, 2 finely chopped anchovy fillets and season to taste. Roughly mash and place on a toasted baguette, drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and top with shredded basil.

Creamy mushrooms on toast

Pan-fry 200 g mixed chopped mushrooms with 2 cloves sliced garlic and 2 T olive oil for 5 minutes. Tear in 2 handfuls baby spinach and fold through 2 T crème fraîche, a pinch of nutmeg and seasoning to taste. Spoon onto sourdough toast and enjoy.

Grilled cheese toasties

Grate 80 g mozzarella over thinly sliced toasted rustic olive loaf on a baking tray. Top with sliced tomatoes and salt and pepper. Place under the grill to melt. Serve hot topped with finely grated raw baby marrow, sliced avocado and chilli.

Creamy chicken livers on toast

Pan-fry 1 x 250 g tub Woolworths free-range chicken livers with 2 cloves sliced garlic, 3 sprigs fresh thyme and 2 T olive oil. Stir through 4 T cream and serve on ciabatta toast with fresh rocket.

Spicy sardines on toast

Roughly mash 1 x 120 g can Woolworths sardines in tomato sauce. Mix with 1 T good-quality mayonnaise, freshly ground black pepper, 1 T tomato sauce, Tabasco sauce and freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste. Serve on wholegrain toast with sliced cucumber.

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Hannah Lewry Article by: Hannah Lewry

Woolworths TASTE’s Food Editor is passionate about conjuring up fresh ideas for fast and easy dishes that taste as great as they look. Turn to her expertise for everything from time-saving mid-week food to lazy weekend meals. You’ll have a lot of fun in the kitchen while you’re about it.

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