• Spinach-and-broccoli-pasta

    7 Meals in 7 ingredients

    Weekdays can be stressful. Add loadshedding and it feels like there’s not enough time to cook. Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen some quick, easy dinners that will make your life easier. Plus, they all use 7 ingredients or less, so there’s less prep time, too!

  • airfryer Milk tart

    4 milk tart tips from the pros

    Fighting for first place with malva pudding as king of South African desserts, is the ever so comforting and creamy milk tart. There’s an unfussiness and delicious practicality to milk tart, and like anything good, it’s always better when it’s home-made, although there are some really good supermarket versions to be enjoyed (no prizes for guessing which one gets our vote!).

  • 10 most popular recipes in January 2024

    These are the most popular recipes TASTE readers cooked to kickoff 2024. Curious to know what they cooked this month? We’ve rounded up the top 10 new recipes that you loved the most. Surprisingly, the recipes are more varied than you might think for January!

  • Ask mom: 7 top tips to build the best lunchbox

    We may have moved past peanut butter sandwiches and a bag of chips for lunch, but one thing that will always be a great addition to a lunchbox is a juice box. Woolworths’ range of 200ml fruit juices is the ideal lunchbox drink for school and work. Now that we have the juice covered, we need to build the rest of the lunch box. We asked moms to share their top tips for making interesting, wholesome lunches that kids will love. Here’s what they shared: