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    NCL offers you the best in freedom and flexibility to cruising. You can holiday on your own schedule with no assigned dining and no formal dress code. Breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising for 53 years, NCL has 17 amazing contemporary ships that sail to over 300 of the world’s most desirable destinations, including Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Alaska and more. Each destination you visit allows you to create an incredible story you will share for years to come.

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    We love all things Thai food – we love the curries, the spices, the crunchy salads, the abundant use of fresh green herbs like mint and coriander. Sound good? Herewith 5 of our favourite Thai-style dishes to try at home.

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    No one knows the hidden gems of the platteland quite like Peter van Noord and Johan van Zyl, the editors of Platteland. Duh. So if you happen to be taking the N7 north from Cape Town, these are the dorpie detours you need to know about

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    Sure, wine farm restaurants have the best views, but when it comes to cool food spots, Stellenbosch’s city centre has got it going on. Spend a weekend in town and take a walking safari to find the town’s hottest restaurants and bars.

  • 6 foodie reasons to visit the Seychelles

    Legend has it that if you eat breadfruit in the Seychelles, you’ll definitely return. So Liesl Nicholson ate her weight in fresh produce while surrendering to the islands’ other charms. Here are her top six reasons to go back for more.