8 of our favourite ways with chicken schnitzels

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There’s nothing like a stash of schnitzels in your freezer to save your bacon, right? These are our best, game-changing ideas with schnitzels.

The simple schnitzel with sides: chicken schnitzel with easy sheet potatoes and coriander butter

A fast and simple weeknight meal using store-bought schnitzels. Make your own flavour-packed herb butter with coriander, or parsley and chives.

Get the recipe here

The simple schnitzel with sauce: chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce

A classic mushroom sauce pairs perfectly with this freezer staple.

Get the recipe here

The salad with a twist: chicken schnitzel with buttermilk Caesar-style dressing

Crunchy chicken is the best twist to this classic recipe. Either make your own, or save time and use Woolies’ chicken schnitzels.

Get the recipe here

The salad with a kick: Chicken schnitzel salad with creamy jalapeño dressing

A favourite salad recipe amongst the TASTE team.

Get the recipe here

The global recipe: Chicken katsu

Chicken katsu was on TASTE food director Abigail Donnelly’s favourite meals in Tokyo. “Tender, deep-fried chicken covered in crispy golden crumbs can be found at the many izikayas in Tokyo. It was one of the first things I ate when I stepped off the plane. It’s delicious with this katsu dipping sauce.” Abigail Donnelly
Chicken katsu recipe
Get the recipe here.

The cheese-loaded special: Chicken parmigiana

Make the crumbed fillets from scratch, top with ready-made Napoletana sauce and cheese, and this Italian-American favourite is on the table in under an hour. Store-bought schnitzel will work just as well in this recipe.

Get the recipe here.

The taco Tuesday: Chicken tacos

Trust us when we say that this blue cheese dressing by TASTE contributing food editor Hannah Lewry is *everything*.

Get the recipe here

The gourmet schnitzel: Grana Padano-and-coppa crumbed chicken with sautéed kale

The secret to these golden-brown schnitzels is in the crumb: it includes umami-loaded Grana Padano. The coppa adds a touch of saltiness, and this is TASTE food director Abi Donnelly’s favourite way to eat kale!

Get the recipe here.

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