Chillies: handle with care

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Chillies: handle with care

Chillies contain capsaicin, which stimulates heat receptors in your mouth – and elsewhere (if you’ve ever touched your eyes after chopping jalapeños, you’ll know all about it).

Here’s how to save face when working with chillies – and how to moderate their heat.

1. The white membrane and seeds are the hottest part as they contain most of the capsaicin. If you’re going for mild, remove the seeds and membrane before chopping, but slice the whole chilli if you want more heat.

2. Wash your hands in cold water after handling chillies – hot water can make your skin absorb more of the capsaicin.

3. Dairy is a good foil for capsaicin, which is why drinking milk relieves the burn, but it’s also great in a recipe like the bocconcini salad.

4. Cooking for a group with varying tolerance levels? Keep everyone happy by starting the dish with less chilli, then removing portions for the mild fans and adding lots more of the hot stuff to the rest.

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