Coconut flour – a great wheat-free alternative

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Coconut flour – a great wheat-free alternative

Gluten intolerant? Following the paleo diet? Want to shake things up in the kitchen? Then coconut flour might be for you.


While we’re all aware of the current hype surrounding coconut water as the must-have elixir due to its health properties, the other by-product of the coconut-milk manufacturing process – coconut flour – also deserves a moment in the spotlight. In the wake of wheat flour becoming increasingly verboten with more and more people following the Banting and paleo diets, the demand for this flour has grown.


Made by grinding dried coconut flesh from which the oil has been removed, coconut flour is super high in fibre. In fact, 2 T of coconut flour is packed with 5 g fibre. It’s also a perfect alternative for people who are gluten intolerant or those who suffer from coeliac disease. It’s also low in sodium and cholesterol and benefits people with diabetes as it lowers the glycaemic index of food.


In savoury dishes, coconut flour can be used for everything from coating chicken fillets and making wheat-free pizza bases, to tortillas and cheese biscuits. In sweet bakes, it lends a delicious nutty flavour and soft texture. A word to the wise though – wheat flour shouldn’t be replaced by coconut flour in a 1:1 ratio as they’re not equivalent. Rather go with tried-and-tested recipes starring coconut flour such as this delicious gluten-free raspberry cake with crème fraîche icing.

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Annette Klinger Article by: Annette Klinger

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    Nina Van der velde
    April 28, 2015

    Hi team, when converting ‘old’ recipes to banting ones could you kindly give us the ratio of cake flour and wheat flour to coconut or almond flour please? It will be much appreciated.

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