Comfort in a cup: 5 hot drinks and the right rusks to dunk in them

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Comfort in a cup: 5 hot drinks and the right rusks to dunk in them

There is nothing Hannah Lewry loves more than a delicious hot drink before bed – especially when paired with a rusk for dunking. Here are some of her favourite pairings with her ultimate winter indulgence of the year.

Vanilla chai tea with honey and almond rusks
Place 1 vanilla chai Woolworths tea bag into a saucepan of warm milk and allow to steep until it reaches the desired strength. There is honey in the rusks so no need to add extra sweetness to the drink.
Rusk for dunking: Ayrshire buttermilk honey and almond rusks

Horlicks with lemon and poppy seed rusks
Horlicks has that undeniable scent when it’s being made, the malty sweetness is what brings back that hit of childhood nostalgia every time! I like to make mine with hot water and milk, but you can just use milk if you prefer.
Rusk for dunking: Ayrshire buttermilk lemon and poppy seed rusks.

Hot caramel chocolate milk and buttermilk rusks
This is a new take on hot chocolate I discovered just the other day and it’s definitely a keeper in terms of flavour combinations. Stir a can of Caramel Treat until smooth, then spread a generous spoonful around the inside of each mug or glass to coat or make a pretty swirl. Mix up a pot of your favourite hot chocolate and stir in another tablespoon of Caramel Treat per person. Pour into the cups and enjoy. Top with marshmallows.
Rusk for dunking: Ayrshire buttermilk rusks

Nut butter and honey milk and mosbolletjie rusks
Heat 1 cup milk per person in a saucepan until just simmering. Remove from the heat, add 1 T Woolworths hazelnut or macadamia butter and stir to dissolve. Pour into mugs and add runny honey to taste. Top with soft whipped cream if you like.
Rusk for dunking: Mosbolletjie style rusks

Milo and seeded rusks
This is definitely my favourite go-to hot drink. I make mine with hot water, 3 t Milo and a splash of milk; it makes it less rich and heavy this way.
Rusk for dunking: Gluten-free Ayrshire buttermilk seeded rusks

Hannah Lewry Article by: Hannah Lewry

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