• Basil Pesto freeze?

    Can I freeze WW fresh Basil Pesto? I make my pasta sauce with cream & pesto but since I’m going camping, would like to know if the pesto can freeze. Any other camping food tips are welcome!


    i baked a corn bread and after it cooled, I cut a slice and it just crumbles into crumbs. Why?

  • Hollandaise sauce

    Needing a cheats Hollandaise sauce recipe that stays stable and maybe can be prepared in advance and warmed over Bain Marie . I heard that Xanthan gum can be added as a stabiliser . Please give me a recipe if you have one and where I can get this xanthan gum if it’s a good […]

  • Brioche loaf

    Hi I am based in Constancia Cape Town and shop mostly at Constantia Village Woolies. I’m needing to find a place that sells brioche in loaf form so I can serve French toast to my guests as a breakfast option . Any idea where I can source this ? Or even better , why don’t […]

  • Recipe search

    I have lost a recipe in an early Taste magazine. It was a pasta recipe with fresh peas, endamane beans and mascapone if memory serves me correctly. I have been through the recipe search but nothing comes up?

  • Old magazines

    I have lost one of my old Taste Magazine. I cannot remember the date when it was issued, and I have been searching your website for the recipes. It was a slow cooked lamb shoulder served with Labneh with brinjals, roasted peppers and tomatoes cooked with pomegranate molasses served on with flat bread. Do you […]