Recipe for Woolies chicken & broccoli bake

Woolies chicken & broccoli bake is one of my family’s favourite go-to meals when we don’t feel like doing more than sliding a dish into the oven. I have tried to recreate it – using chicken breasts, thighs, roast chicken; cream vs no cream; cheddar vs parmesan, and so on, but have never quite “got it”. Is there a secret ingredient or any chance of Woolies sharing the recipe?


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    Annemarie Gaertner
    6 July 2017

    When making the sauce to add to the chicken try adding a few drops of lemon juice. It gives the sauce depth of flavour and it brings out the chicken flavour.

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      Sam Venter
      22 July 2017

      Great idea, thanks! Lemon juice or zest always good for kicking up flavour :)

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    4 April 2017

    In the 70’s the secret to this recipe was a tin of condensed mushroom soup with 1t curry powder added.