The best way to make coffee?

Hi guys. Do you have any tips to making an epic cup of coffee? I’ve heard so many different things: water temperature, the grind of the beans, the method (stove top, French press, etc), hot vs cold milk, etc etc. PLEASE can someone spell it out for me simply? Thanks!

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    September 8, 2015

    Coffee is never simple, there are reams of information on coffee and how to brew it but in the end it comes down to a simple journey which each person needs to take help them figure out how to match their personal taste.
    Pod coffee is the ultimate comes in a can serving, so I’m going to ignore it here but it’s a good option if you just want you coffee one way every time.
    1.) Beans
    There is a simple trick to help identify a coffee you like before you buy it. Most coffee comes in packets, on the front of the packet is a small hole with a hard rim under it, gentle squeeze the packet and smell the aroma that escapes this hole. Do this with a couple of packets until you find one you like. If you can’t smell anything or it’s acrid the beans are past there best. Some coffee’s will change, big brand coffee tries to stay constant but regional blends will change due to growing season, play attention to where the beans came from, the type of blend, and what the roast is, this will help narrow future choices if you can’t get your favourite or if it’s suddenly not so good.
    Basically three options here, pre-ground in the bag, in a blender or electric spice blender and lastly a bur grinder or spice mill.
    Pre-ground is simple but limits how you prepare your coffee, for example you can’t use it in a proper expresso machine nor should you use it for a stove top coffee maker. It is best suited to a french press or drip coffee maker.
    Using a blender will allow you to vary how you make your coffee but the grind is inconsistant so it can be tricky in a expresso machine but will work in a stovetop coffee maker.
    If your lucky enough to have a proper bur grinder then think about taking a course, or ask the barista at you closest favourite coffee shop for some tips, it’s a art.
    3) Method
    This is so personal preference, try a few options and decide what works best with the blend and grinder you have.
    Personally I have a couple of different types and I change them depending on what I feel like.

    Here are a few tips though for different methods:
    A french press makes nice coffee but needs to sit once you have pored in the coffee, until the grounds sink. A plus with this is you can vary your coffee strength by adding more grounds, if you want it stronger.

    A stove top coffee maker makes stronger more expresso like coffee, if you like it milder you can add a bit of hot water. Note that most stove top coffee makers have a double filter that you can’t see, you need to remember to remove the rubber seal to take out the second filter so you can clean it properly, otherwise it will start making your coffee bitter. Also check that you can use it on your stove type, some can scratch ceramic stoves and induction stoves need special bottoms

    Drip coffee has fallen out of favour but if your a multi-cup coffee drinker try a one cup instant drip coffee maker, as long as it’s fresh made it’s a good method, it’s sitting in the pot that ruins it.

    It is worth investing in at lease one big french press, for when you have guests and don’t want to spend ages making individual cups of coffee. A good french press should have a filter that can be removed and is well supported on the edges so the grounds don’t escape. (tip: if you want to serve a mock cappuccino, then get a second french press. Heat milk in a cup and place it in the clean french press so it is 2/5’s full, then pump the plunger up and down. Your milk will froth nicely, remove the plunger and spoon the foam onto the coffee.)

    Once again up to you, but a low fat milk will foam better, since it usually has a higher concentration of milk solids from the refinement process.

    If you want to try something really different try looking up cold brewing coffee.

  • Roger Veldsman
    September 8, 2015

    I get the best cuppa out of my mocha pot on the stove.Quick and easy. You just need a good coffee supplier who can supply you with the best grind and blend that suit your pallet. I have a 6 cup espresso mocha pot . Boil water in kettle,fill mocha pot and move to stove. Heat the milk slightly and froth in a plunger or just buy a froth machine.