“The dilema of a Vegeterian” (Please advise)

Good day all, I trust that you are well. I have two questions for the community out there. ONE: I have been a Vegetarian for the past twenty-seven years, in the last year I have taken things a bit further and turned to Veganism. The reason for this is due to the milk industry being known to artificially impregnate their cows in order to keep milk production at its maximum. I have no problem with the by-products of animals, namely milk, butter, cheese etc., In fact I love them and would like to indulge in same. I do however have a problem with calves being removed from their mothers at birth and slaughtered, purely to increase the milk production of a cow. I have tried for some time now to establish “beyond a doubt” whether the Ayrshire industry uses similar practices or not. To date I have not been successful in my attempts to prove or disprove this practice in their industry. TWO: I have a pet hen which my wife and I have raised from the age of abought two weeks old. She is truly free range as she has our entire yard to roam about in and a dog as a companion who is fiercely protective over her. There is no Rooster around to impregnate her, thus her eggs which she has recently started laying are unquestionably not fertilized. Eggs like milk are a byproduct of the animal and she will lay them for several years regardless of fertilisation or not. Woolworths sells “free range eggs” and to my knowledge this, according to the laws in our Country, means that the hen only needs a space no larger than an A4 piece of paper to be classified as free range. I honestly do understand that it is impossible to have an industry which is incident free or without faults. However, I do not wish to be a part of any industry who’s goals are purely profit orientated and will totally disregard the cruelty inflicted on animals in order to do so. Is there anyone who could possibly point me in the right direction that I can satisfy my need to know what I am shovelling down my throat. Yours sincerely Albert Lachlan Powrie

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  • Alma Pretorius
    October 15, 2017

    I think to ease your mind … plant and harvest whatever you prefer to eat. That way you’ll be 100% sure that what you put in your mouth, is organically approved.