Craving seafood? Try these seafood meal kits

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Craving seafood? Try these seafood meal kits

Making dinner has never been easier thanks to Woolworths’ new seafood meal kits. Choose from chilli prawn pasta or creamy seafood chowder. Everything is portioned and the easy-to-follow instructions mean you can dig in in under 20 minutes.

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If convenience was a language, Woolworths would be fluent. Why make everything from scratch when they’ve done half the work for you? You can now purchase meal kits for chilli-garlic prawn pasta and seafood chowder at selected Woolworths seafood counters. All the descaling, deveining and debearding has been done for you. Each kit comes with everything you need to make your seafood dish – sauces, pasta and the all-important seafood. Just follow the package instructions and dig in!

1. Easy chilli-garlic prawn pasta

This simple garlic prawn pasta recipe is exactly what you need for a no-fuss dinner at home. Inside the Woolworths meal kit you’ll find fresh fettuccine pasta, a creamy roast garlic-and-coriander sauce sachet, chilli butter and deveined and shelled prawns. Dinner is ready in 10 minutes and it’s so good you’ll end up slurping down everything in a minute! Serve as a speedy midweek dinner, or set the table for a cosy date night at home.

Get the recipe for easy chilli-garlic prawn pasta here.

2. Easy seafood chowder mix

Give your go-to butternut or tomato soup a break and make seafood chowder instead. This creamy seafood soup is popular in the New England region of the US where shellfish is a staple. This seafood meal kit contains freshly harvested half-shell mussels, deveined and shelled prawns, and haddock. The seafood is cooked in a creamy soup base that can be adjusted with seasoning at home. Serve with toasted baguette for a hearty and comforting meal at home in under 15 minutes.

Get the recipe for easy seafood chowder mix here.

Photography: Jan Ras 
Videography: Romy Wilson
Production: Clem Pedro and Hannah Lewry 
Food assistants: Claire van Rooyen

Figuring out what to look out for when picking the catch of the day can be a bit daunting. And then there’s scaling, deboning, filleting and cleaning the fish. Where do you start? Don’t panic, Woolworths has fresh seafood counters in 31 stores across Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town! You can even call and order your favourite seafood in advance. Woolworths continues the centuries-old fishmonger commitment to selling only the freshest fish and will do all the hard work for you. Woolworths is committed to Fishing for the Future and prioritises fish conservation and safeguarding the oceans by responsibly sourcing all its seafood according to globally recognised sustainability standards and best practices.

Learn more about how Woolworths is fishing for the future.

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