These crazy-delicious soups can be on your table in under 45 minutes

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These crazy-delicious soups can be on your table in under 45 minutes

Nothing says “winter” like a hearty bowl of vegetable soup. With Woolworth soup mixes, all the prep and chopping is done for you so you can dig in in under 45 minutes.

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Whether you’re feeling poorly or need something warming and hearty, soup is always a good idea. But who’s got time for all that chopping and dicing? That’s why we love the Woolworths prepared soup mixes – they contain all the fresh ingredients needed to make classic soups like butternut, hearty veg, split pea and minestrone. And they can be ready in under 45 minutes! This makes them the perfect choice for your midweek dinner essentials this winter.

Once served, you can choose your own adventure: keep it plain and simple or go the extra mile with OTT toppers and dippers. Here are a few ways we’ll be enjoying Woolworth’s soup mixes this chilly season:

Hearty vegetable soup

This soup mix is made with pre-chopped butternut, carrots, celery, baby marrows, onions and cauliflower florets and cooked in under 40 minutes. Keep things simple with crunchy croutons or make it luxe by topping with fried sage leaves, toasted pumpkin seeds and red pepper pesto.  Get the recipe for easy hearty vegetable soup here or get the recipe for luxe hearty vegetable soup here.

Split pea soup

You don’t have to soak anything overnight to make this delicious soup! Simply simmer all the fresh ingredients from the pack in a vegetable broth – and you can have a steaming bowl of comfort on the table in 35 minutes… If you can’t wait to tuck in, serve as is or with a swirl of crème fraÎche, or load up your bowl with hard-to-resist toppings like crispy kale, Serrano ham, toasted nuts and seeds.

Get the recipe for easy split pea soup here or get the recipe for luxe split pea soup here.

With Woolworths soup mixes, all the hard work has been done for you. They’re made using fresh vegetables and quality grains and legumes, ensuring easy meals that are still full of flavour. So after a busy day, if all you’re craving is something hearty and comforting, you don’t have to bother with peeling and chopping vegetables, just simmer in stock and serve. Don’t forget to top with your favourite flavours or pair with a toasted cheese sarmie.

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