3 tips for charring veg to perfection

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3 tips for charring veg to perfection

Why char food, we hear you ask. Charcoal in food may be all the rage, but we’re not suggesting you burn your food to a crisp.


What you want is a smoky flavour and a slightly crunchy texture. And don’t limit yourself to meat, charring ramps up the flavour of veggies such as onions, sweetcorn, Tenderstem broccoli, brinjals, Brussels sprouts and chillies, and a whole lot more.

Try: Black onion purée.


Once you’ve charred the likes of brinjals or peppers, place them in a bowl, cover tightly with clingwrap and allow to steam for about 10 minutes. This will make the skins easier to remove.

Try: Grilled brinjal rolls with tomato salsa.

Something sweet

Desserts also benefit from a bit of smoke – think burnt caramel sauce, for starters.

Try: Charcoal-caramelised s’mores.

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