Don’t toss your fruit and veg scraps and leftovers into the bin

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Don’t toss your fruit and veg scraps and leftovers into the bin

Try one of these 11 ways to use them in salads, smoothies and soups.


According to the WWF, around 10 million tons of food are lost to waste across the food supply chain in SA every year. The energy that was used to grow, process, transport and store that food could power the city of Johannesburg for 4 months! What can you do to help reduce food waste? Start small at home, with these tips and tricks.

1. Orange halves that have been juiced can be frozen and the zest used later in cooking or for citrus syrups.
2. Stale bread can be blended to make fine breadcrumbs and stored in the freezer. Stale baguette is perfect for a traditional panzanella.
3. Bones of roast meat and chicken can be frozen to use in stocks. Or, make stock immediately and freeze in portions.
4. Overripe bananas can be peeled and stored in the freezer to use in smoothies or banana bread.
5. Potato skins can be fried or baked and used as croutons in soups and on salads.
6. Get the last scrapings of honey from a glass jar by heating it in the microwave until the honey is runny.
7. Nuts, seeds, grains and flours stay fresher for longer when stored in the freezer.
8. Add a little vinegar to an almost empty tomato sauce or mustard bottle, shake it and use for marinades.
9. Strawberry hulls are delicious blended into smoothies.
10. Sour milk (as in, expired milk) is great for making exceptionally fluffy flapjacks.
11. Pour hot milk into an empty Nutella jar and shake it to make a delicious hot chocolate.

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