The 4 ice-cream pies you’ll make again (and again!) this summer

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The 4 ice-cream pies you'll make again (and again!) this summer

Your favourite frozen treat scooped onto a nutty, crunchy, no-bake base whipped up in 10 minutes flat. So fast, it’s practically instant!

Forget the cone. This season is all about serving ice cream on home-made pie bases. Top them with ice cream (lactose-free and carb-clever versions are insanely delicious) and dive right in!

Pro tip: When pressing the crumb, oats or seed crust into a pie dish or tin, don’t be too enthusiastic about it. Press just hard enough to create a firm base – too hard and the crust could turn sticky if you aren’t freezing it, making it hard to slice. Popping it into the freezer for 20–30 minutes before adding the filling guarantees a firm base.

Matcha do about something: chocolate, matcha and pistachio ice-cream pie

Chocolate, matcha and pistachio recipe

The flavours of green tea and chocolate are, well, a matcha made in heaven. The grassy, earthy, herbaceous flavour of powdered green tea can tone down the sweetness in chocolate, resulting in a mouthwatering bittersweet combo. Matcha also creates a spectacular shade of green along with the blitzed pistachios in this recipe – plenty of reason not to leave it out, but you can if you really want to (we know it’s not everyone’s cuppa).

Get the chocolate, matcha and pistachio ice-cream pie recipe here.

Very berry ice-cream pie

Berry ice cream pie recipe

Use Woolworths’ Carb Clever almond-and-cocoa nib granola as the main ingredient in this base. It’s made with seeds and nuts and is a great crunchy complement to Woolies’ creamy Red Berry Medley frozen yoghurt.

Get the very berry ice-cream pie recipe here.

Magical mediterranean ice-cream pie

Almond and pistachio pie recipe
Combine the flavours of fresh dates, pistachios, almonds and pomegranate rubies in this dessert inspired by the Med.
Get the almond and pistachio ice-cream pie recipe here.

Get tropical with a tart ice-cream pie

Tropical ice-cream pie recipe

If anything tastes like summer, it’s this tropical ice-cream pie. Tart, zingy and sweet. Forget granadilla lollies. This tart will make you jolly.

Get the ice-cream pie recipe here.

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