5 easy (as) pie recipes

By TASTE, 14 March 2016

Pies, glorious pies! From succulent beef-and-beer, to juicy blueberries and every imaginable filling in between, try this irresistible spread of crusty treats.

Spinach-and-bacon pies with cream-cheese pastry


These pies are perfect as an office lunch. You can use chopped almonds or macadamia nuts instead of the pine nuts.
Pro-tip: blanche the spinach before you sauté it. Blanching locks in the vibrant green colour that would otherwise be lost during the cooking process.

View the recipe here.

Beef-and-beer pie with slow-roasted cipollini onions


If you prefer not to add the beer, leave it out and add Port-style fortified wine or extra stock.

Plus: this pastry can be made in a food processor.

View the recipe here.

Roast chicken, mushroom and leek pie


An absolute classic. You can never go wrong with a roast chicken pie.

View the recipe here.

Honey-and-pear pies


This is a great buttery, nutty pastry. Apples work just as well as pears in this recipe.

View the recipe here.

Three-ingredient blueberry pie


Not a fan of blueberries? Replace them with the fruit of your choice!

View the recipe here.

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