7 easy roasts that you can put in the oven and forget about

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7 easy roasts that you can put in the oven and forget about

If the idea of roasting something makes you think that lots of effort is required, think again. These clever roast recipes call for minimal hands-on time, and yield the ultimate results.

1. Braised lamb with celery salsa

Aside from searing the lamb before it goes into the oven, this recipe calls for very little effort on your part. Forget about it for 5 hours and serve alongside salsa and softly boiled potatoes – it’s as simple as that. If the salsa feels like too much work, you can omit it and just scatter some roughly chopped herbs over the top.
braised lamb with celery salsaGet the recipe for braised lamb with celery salsa.

2. Pork belly roasted in milk and sage

If pork belly sounds fancy and fiddly, this recipe is here to prove otherwise. Based on the traditional Italian method of braising pork in milk, this dish results in spoon-tender meat, crackly skin and a creamy broth that’s perfect for serving over the suggested (premade) gnocchi, or even mashed potato. If the sticky garlic feels like too much effort, you can just serve roasted garlic on the side (or not at all).
pork belly roasted in milk and sageGet the recipe for pork belly roasted in milk and sage.

3. Asian beef shortrib with miso pumpkin

If you’re looking for a show-stopping meal that (at most) requires a little searing, these shortribs are for you. Punchy flavours and some time in the oven is all these call for, and the accompanying pumpkin couldn’t be easier too.
Asian beef shortrib with miso pumpkinGet the recipe for Asian beef shortrib with miso pumpkin. 

4. Beef brisket ragù

Brisket will forever be our favourite slow-cooking cut. It’s packed with flavour, plays well with most ingredients and is endlessly forgiving. This ragù can be served on top of wet polenta, mashed potatoes or even buttered pasta.
beef brisket raguGet the recipe for beef brisket ragu.

5. No-carve lemon-and-garlic roast chicken

You have to try this one to believe it. After a long, slow roast in the oven, this chicken is so tender, you won’t even need to use a knife to carve it.
no-carve lemon-and-garlic roast chickenGet the recipe for no-carve lemon-and-garlic roast chicken.

6. Slow roasted Greek-style lamb

The very definition of hands-off, this lamb only requires a little seasoning and a once-over with some cut garlic. If slicing potatoes is too much work, use baby potatoes or roughly chop them into small, bite-sized pieces – they’ll do the trick.
slow roasted greek style lamb

Get the recipe for slow-roasted Greek-style lambtime-

7. Roast butternut with sherry vinegar, harissa and honey

Say goodbye to peeling, chopping and deseeding butternut, and hello to full-on flavour with zero effort, with the clever use of roasting bags. If you don’t have harissa, smoked paprika is a great substitute.
Roast butternut with sherry vinegar harissa and honeyGet the recipe for roast butternut with sherry vinegar, harissa and honey.


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