Spice up your salads with these 7 easy dressings

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Spice up your salads with these 7 easy dressings

It’s easier than you think to step up your salad and sides game. Think beyond the ol’ olive oil and lemon juice treatment with punchy flavour combos and plenty of crunchy bits

Say yes to the dressings.

Moreish miso

Not sure how to use miso? Ease into its earthy, umami flavour with Woolies’ red miso dressing, drizzled over roast brinjal, chopped spring onion and sesame seeds, or use it to glaze fresh salmon before roasting

Serious sprinkle

There’s a lot to love about Woolies’ nut-and-seed sprinkle: crunch from toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, peanuts and pecan nuts, and moreish onion, garlic, mustard seeds and pepper flavour notes. Roast foil-wrapped pumpkin wedges, then top with labneh, a drizzle of olive oil and the sprinkle.

Yellow gold

The current question on our minds: is there any veggie that can’t be exponentially improved with a dollop of Woolies’ new turmeric-and-coconut cream dressing? That roast cauliflower, baby spinach and red onion salad we had for lunch says no.

Something smoky

Smoky flavours work well in salads, too. Start simple with kale leaves drizzled in a sesame oil and rice wine vinegar dressing, topped with Woolies’ smoky roasted coconut salad sprinkle.

Easy does it

Velvety, decadent, dreamy. Swap mayo for Woolies’ crème fraîche and dill dressing on your potato salad.

Solid spice and citrus

The citrusy, honey notes of Woolies’ ClemenGold dressing are perfect for adding Moroccan flair to a roast veg, chickpea and couscous salad.

Go nuts

The nuanced nutty, green flavours of red lentil, chickpea, mung bean and adzuki sprouts of Woolies’ crunchy sprouts mix add substance to salads without the heaviness. Toss ‘em with shredded cabbage and a light Asian dressing.

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