Egg yourself on

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Egg yourself on

Woolworths’ new flavoured high-protein free-range egg white is about to change your post-workout smoothies forever.

Just finished a high-intensity workout and looking for a protein boost? Woolworths’ new high-protein free-range egg white flavoured with vanilla could be just what you need. This high-protein drink – which contains 30 g protein per serving – is made with pasteurised free- range egg whites, a hint of vanilla and no added sugar. Conveniently available in a 300 ml bottle – just shake before drinking – it’s a burst of protein when you need it. Enjoy it as is or work it into your morning smoothie and start the day strong.

Serving suggestion: For the berry-and-vanilla smoothie, blend 1 cup Woolworths frozen mixed berries with 2 Medjool dates, 150 ml free-range egg white flavoured with vanilla, 1⁄21/2 cup almond milk and 1⁄21/2 cup ice or water.

For the chocolate protein smoothie, blend 1 cup frozen banana with 1 T cashew, macadamia or peanut butter, 1 T cacao powder, 1 T honey, 150 ml free-range egg white flavoured with vanilla, and 1⁄21/2 cup milk or any milk alternative.

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