The ultimate Eid menu by Zorah Booley-Samaai

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The ultimate Eid menu by Zorah Booley-Samaai

Creamy, rose-flavoured drinks for breakfast, semolina pudding for starters and prawn curry for mains? That’s how Zorah Booley-Samaai celebrates Eid. Here, the creator of In The Midnight Kitchen, shares her classic menu for marking the end of Ramadan.

Eid tea-time treat: Chocolate éclairs with cream

“My cousin Zuraida is the éclair queen! She makes a massive batch every Eid and it’s one thing that everyone looks forward to. It’s such a simple éclair, but honestly the best thing to have at tea time. They always vanish within minutes of us sitting down!”
Get the recipe for chocolate éclairs with cream here.Chocolate eclairs

Eid lunch

Starters: Eggless soji

“While some families may have this creamy, sweet treat after the main meal, my family and I always have it as a starter. It’s the perfect way to kick off an Eid lunch on a sweet note.”
Get the recipe for eggless soji here.Eggless soji

The seafood main course

“We always have one fish dish for our Eid lunch, and prawn curry is my aunt Nurjehan’s speciality. This beautiful, flavourful curry is quite light, so you’ll have no problem enjoying the other mains afterwards!”

Get the recipe for coconut prawn curry here.Prawn curry

The essential chicken curry

“This traditional curry is my go-to comfort food and always brings such feelings of togetherness on Eid day. It never disappoints.” Zorah’s recipe draws together the best from several of her family members’ recipes.

Get the recipe for chicken curry here.Chicken curry

The ultimate breakfast falooda

“Growing up, I was always the one in my household to make the falooda. Now I know the recipe by heart. My family and I have it on Eid morning before we head to my extended family for the big lunch. There’s nothing better than starting the holy day with this rose-flavoured drink.”

Get the recipe for falooda here.

Zorah’s Eid pantry

While it’s lovely to make everything from scratch, it’s not always possible. Work smart and stock up on some basics like Zorah:

  • Basmati rice
    Zorah relies heavily on Woolies’ white basmati rice; the nutty, fragrant long grains are the perfect vehicle for the varieties of curries on offer during the day.
  • Butter biscuits
    Whether home-made or bought from Woolies, these sweet, short cookies are a must-have in her household for offering friends and family popping by to greet and mark the end of Ramadan.
  • Corned beef
    Zorah always makes corned beef the night before or on the morning of Eid to enjoy for breakfast and to take to the family feast later in the day.
  • Heat & Eat Naan breads
    When there isn’t time for all that kneading, proving and rolling, Zorah’s go-to is these fluffy, ready-made versions from Woolies. “I also really like the garlic butter naan. Whichever one I’m using, I’ll usually pan-fry it instead of microwaving it.”
  • Rose-water
    An undisputed flavour of Ramadan, the delicately perfumed water is a non- negotiable ingredient in sweet treats such as falooda and boeber.
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