Electricity-free cooking

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Electricity-free cooking

You might find it hard to believe, but loadshedding actually has its merits. It not only forces us to use electricity wisely, but it can also inspire us to become more creative cooks. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, after all – so grab your apron (and perhaps some matches, too!)

Some of you might raise an eyebrow upon being told that loadshedding has its advantages. Because anyone who has ever experienced the sheer sadness of a half-cooked meal or hunger pangs as a result of scheduled (or at times impromptu) loadshedding, has likely also suffered a blow to their belief that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.
Objections aside, there are many ways in which you can rustle up a substantial, delicious meal without using electricity. The weather is becoming more suitable for braaiing, there’s the economical Wonderbag to help you out and gas cooking also works in your favour. Plus: we have the perfect recipes to boot!


Baba ganoush salad
This satisfying baba ganoush salad requires roasting the brinjals, but in the event that loadshedding strikes, braaied brinjals will do the trick.

Exotic tomato-and-mozzarella salad
No cooking required. None at all. Just toss and enjoy!


Abi’s nasi goreng
This rice dish requires a few tricks, but can be made a day ahead to allow the rice to dry thoroughly and be enjoyed for a romantic candlelit dinner!

Loadshedding rice with seared trout
Ideal for gas cooking. Serve the seared trout atop jasmine rice.


Stokbrood with salted butter
Fun and easy to make and delicious with a blob of salted butter.

Café de Paris butter
Braaiing steak? You’ll want to serve it with this moreish butter.


Braaied waffle jaffles
You get waffles and you get waffle jaffles – made on the braai. These are life-changing!

Braaied buttermilk scones with crème fraîche and blackberry jam
Try something different and make scones on the braai. They’re out-of-this-world delicious.

No power? No problem! Get inspiration from our electricity-free cooking menu.

Ashraf Booley Article by: Ashraf Booley

Woolworths TASTE’s digital content producer loves nothing more than trying out inventive recipes and using close friends and family as his guinea pigs. When he’s not crafting content or posting images to TASTE’s Instagram account, he sits in a quiet corner sipping on pretentious tea and penning poetry.

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