Everything you need to cook perfectly pan-fried fish

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Everything you need to cook perfectly pan-fried fish

It’s time to get over your fear of cooking fish at home.


Woolies’ sustainably sourced, wild-caught hake fillets are so easy to cook, they’ll become your go-to quick and easy meal solution. Conveniently filleted, with the skin on for extra flavour, they’re perfect for quick dinners and light lunches. Pan-fry for a crisp skin and serve with fresh greens for a wholesome summertime meal.

Serving suggestion:

1. Pat fish dry with kitchen paper, this absorbs any excess moisture and ensures crispy skin. Score the skin using a sharp knife to prevent the fish from curling in the heat of the pan and to cook it evenly.

2. Use a non-stick pan and heat until very hot. Add a generous glug of olive oil.

3. Season the skin side and place skin-side down into the hot pan first, pressing down gently onto the fish using a spatula to make sure it has an even, crispy surface and does not curl. Resist the urge to flip the fish before it has released from the pan, when it moves around the pan easily, it’s ready to turn.

4. Cook the flesh side for no longer than 2 minutes; it always needs less time than the skin side. As you flip the fish, add a knob of garlic butter to the pan and baste the fish. Serve hot out of the pan; it’s best served when everyone is ready to dig in.

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