Exotic mushrooms: your new braai stand-by

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Exotic mushrooms: your new braai stand-by

Woolies’ new ready-to-braai exotic mushroom selection takes the humble fungi from side to star attraction.


Skewering the regular competition, king oyster and shiitake mushroom kebabs offer umami flavour and meaty texture aplenty, as do king oyster steaks, especially when scored and butter-basted before hitting the grill. All that’s left to do is serve with some crunchy greens and a squeeze of citrus. Magic.

Mushrooms - your braai stand-by

Score the king oyster mushroom steaks, baste with butter, then grill and serve with blanched samphire and asparagus. Finish with grated Parmesan and crushed pink peppercorns. Braai the kebabs, then serve with pesto, a squeeze of lime and microherbs.

Exotic mushroomsKing mushrooms

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