A Father’s Day feast fit for a king

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A Father’s Day feast fit for a king

Deciding on a Father’s Day menu can be a tough task. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Let your dad take the backseat at the braai – and the kitchen – on Sunday and whip up this unspeakably delicious feast.


W(h)et dad’s appetite with a classic cocktail. Our vote goes to this Italian tipple on the rocks. It features the likes of gin, Campari and vermouth with a dash of sparkling water (optional).

Negroni on ice
Negroni on ice

THE RECIPE: Negroni on ice


If you’re going to fire up the grill early, you might as well pop a pumpkin on the coals. Whether he’s a vegetarian or the biggest carnivore in the family, your dad is sure appreciate this veg with edge. It’s an absolute treat served with salsa verde and yoghurt.

Braaied smashed pumpkin with salsa verde and yoghurt
Braaied smashed pumpkin with salsa verde and yoghurt

THE RECIPE: Braaied smashed pumpkins


Seeing as you’re trying new things this year, why not surprise him with this starter of braaied marrow bones with chipotle butter? Warning: it’s utterly addictive, especially when spreading a plug of marrow over braaied slices of bread. Drooling already, are we?

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Braaied marrow bones with chipotle butter

THE RECIPE: Braaied marrow bones with chipotle butter


Make like Fritz Schoon and keep things local and lekker with these simply superb smoked snoek braaibroodjies. They’ll hit all the right spots, of that we are sure.

Fritz's smoked snoek braaibroodjies
Fritz’s smoked snoek braaibroodjies

THE RECIPE: Fritz’s smoked snoek braaibroodjies


Okay, let’s get down to real business. Here’s what your dad really wants (unless he’s a vegan or vegetarian, that is): Chinese sticky hot ribs served with cabbage-and-coconut slaw. They’re sticky, they’re sweet, they’re spicy, they’re hot. Star (son or daughter) status granted. You’re welcome.

Chinese sticky hot ribs with cabbage-and-coconut slaw

THE RECIPE: Chinese sticky hot ribs


If pork or ribs in general aren’t his thing, Abi’s hand-chopped burgers are – quite frankly – a cut above the rest. It’s a little like making regular burgers but using a mature thick-cut rump steak cut into tiny morsels. It stars kimchi and come together sandwiched between sourdough rolls.

Hand-chopped burgers with kimchi
Hand-chopped burgers with kimchi

THE RECIPE: Hand-chopped burgers


Your dad will (hopefully) be proud of you for throwing in some greens. Take these greens with vinno cotto and tzatziki for instance – aren’t they just handsome? A showstopper salad, we say.

Greens with vino cotto and tzatziki

THE RECIPE: Greens with vino cotto and tzatziki


And to end off the mighty feast, keep it light and easy but daringly decadent with this chocolate crêpe cake with Nutella cream. It’s all the chocolate his heart – and yours – desires, after all.

Chocolate crêpe cake with Nutella cream

THE RECIPE: Chocolate crêpe cake with Nutella cream

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