The great flatbread guide

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The great flatbread guide

Forget the knives and forks, folks – eating flatbread is a totally hands-on affair. From spicy Indian parathas, to potato farls topped with bacon and maple syrup (trust the Irish!), we’re serving a world of flavour right here

Flatbread is made with flour, water and salt, rolled into a flat dough, sometimes flavoured with curry powder, chilli or other spices. A variety of oils can also be added and they may be leavened or unleavened – made with or without yeast.


GÖZLEME: This is a traditional Anatolian flatbread made of hand-rolled leaves of yufka

INJERA: An Ethiopian bread made with teff flour. It’s similar to a pancake or a crumpet and torn and used to scoop up stews (wats) and vegetable dishes.

TORTILLA: Traditional Mexican flatbreads made with maize or wheat flour and cooked on a griddle. It’s mainly used as a wrap.


ENGLISH MUFFIN: Traditional English flatbreads consisting of a thick disc of dough that is panfried. They can be savoury or sweet.

NAAN: Yoghurt enriches this Indian flatbread, which is baked in a tandoor and served with curries.

SANGAK: These Iranian flatbreads are made from wholewheat flour and baked on a bed of small river stones or pebbles in an oven.

Flatbreads around the world


Turkish flatbreads

Turkish flatbread
Bread in various incarnations is served with every meal in Turkey. But take it from us, when the bread looks like this, it IS the meal!
Get the Turkish flatbread recipe here.

Indian flatbreads


Indian flatbread

Parathas are often eaten as part of a south Asian breakfast – try them with fried eggs or omelettes.

Get the Indian flatbread recipe here.


Norweigen flatbreads


Norweigen flatbread

Norwegian lefse can be used as wraps for everything from cured fish to cold meat and cheese. Or, roll them up with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

Get the Norweigen flatbread recipe here.


Irish flatbreads


Irish flatbread

The next-level Irish potato farl. Breakfast is served!

Get the Irish flatbread recipe here.




Italian flatbread

These socca are made with chickpea flour, making them a great gluten-free snack. Eat it plain and seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary, or with salsa verde.

Get the Italian flatbread recipe here.


Polish flatbreads


Polish flatbread

The Polish are pros at treating humble veg, from cauliflower to cabbage, in innovative ways. But from Krakow to Warsaw, beetroot is king. Try it in this pierogi-inspired flatbread and see why.

Get the Polish flatbread recipe here.

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