Four wholesome snack ideas

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Four wholesome snack ideas

Even those with the best intentions sometimes need a snack or two. These are our four current favourite things to snack on that don’t feel too unhealthy.

1. Lynette’s tofu “halloumi”

For those times you just want to eat fried cheese, but know you shouldn’t – this faux version will tick all the boxes.


Find the recipe for Lynette’s tofu “halloumi” here.

2. Tostadas with black bean pâté

Where regular pâtés are filled to the brim with cream and butter, this black bean version is lighter but still satisfying.

Find the recipe for tostadas with black bean pâté here. 

3. Bliss balls

These are the ultimate anytime snack – grab them for a quick pre-Zoom breakfast or for a mid-afternoon sweet treat. Keep them in the freezer to turn them into a cheat’s ice cream ball, too.

Bliss balls

Find the recipe for bliss balls here. 

4. Ancient seed granola

Make a double quantity of this, trust us. Not only is it great sprinkled over yoghurt for breakfast, but it’s just as satisfying eaten by the handful when a sweet craving hits.

Find the recipe for ancient seed granola here. 

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