Fridge staples: get your greens

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Fridge staples: get your greens

If eating your greens still evokes that duty-bound feeling of childhood suppers, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s how to make the most of all that crunchy, leafy goodness in your crisper drawer.


The slightly peppery, buttery leaves work a treat in sarmies instead of regular ol’ lettuce (you can thank us later) and blitzed with a dash of mustard into softened butter for the ultimate spread. You can also make like Ottolenghi and toss with quinoa, pickled red onions and a lemon-and-mustard dressing.

Try: Red quinoa and watercress salad.

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Still shuddering at memories of the overcooked, cabbagy-smelling sprouts of your youth? Get over it. Halve, sear in a hot, oiled pan until charred and tender, then add garlic, chilli flakes and a splash each of soya sauce and mirin during the last minutes of cooking. Garnish with raw peanuts and say hello to your new green BFF.

Try: Brussels sprouts, smashed potatoes and chicken with mustard dressing.

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Sauté these green guys with readymade curry paste, cashews and paneer, à la Jamie Oliver or, give it the West African treatment in a crazy good tomato, garlic and peanut stew. Oh, and the secret to non-watery creamed spinach? Squeezing out any excess moisture from the steamed leaves before adding to your béchamel.

Try: Spinach-and-mushroom bake.

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While fresh edamame beans are pretty scarce in our parts, you can find the frozen pods at Woolies. Simply thaw and give them a quick steam before tossing with sautéed garlic, chilli paste and miso. Or shell and toss with toasted macadamias, charred Tenderstem broccoli, crumbled feta and a lemony dressing.

Try: Niçoise-style salad with blackened trout.

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If you’re working with thicker, hardier stalks, simply snap o the woody ends, steam and dip into something decadent like garlicky aïoli. If you’ve gotten your hands on the tender, mini ones, spread a sheet of readymade puff pastry with red pepper pesto, pile on the asparagus, goat’s cheese and basil, and bake until crispy.

Try: Asparagus-and-mozzarella phyllo tart.

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You know you wanna give these little guys a chance! Smash with a tablespoon of crème fraîche and spread on toast (watch out, avo!), stir through risotto just before it comes off the heat, or toss with crisp chorizo, tagliatelle and gratings of Parm if you need a bowl of comfort in under 30 minutes.

Try: Poached egg pizza with smashed peas, charred leeks and dill mayo.

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