Get your fix: global coffee culture

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Get your fix: global coffee culture

From the simple Italian espresso to traditional Turkish coffee ceremonies, here’s how people around the world enjoy their java…


Buna: In the birthplace of coffee, traditional buna ceremonies last for several hours and involve roasting and grinding the beans, then brewing, straining and serving the coffee – sometimes with sugar, butter or salt.


Kaffeeost: A cheese called juustoleipä is cut into chunks and placed at the bottom of the cup, then coffee is poured on top. After you drink the coffee, eat the cheese. Mmm.


Café au lait: There’s nothing like starting your day as the French do: dunking a croissant in a café au lait – coffee with hot milk.

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Espresso: The average barista in New York takes three minutes to serve an espresso. By then, an Italian would have left in a huff. From Milano to Roma, espresso is the local version of coffee to go – one shot consumed standing at the bar around 30 seconds after you’ve placed your order.

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Café de olla: Spiced café de olla is brewed with cinnamon sticks in handmade clay pots, which Mexicans say enhances the flavour of the coffee.

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Türk kahvesi: UNESCO declared Turkish coffee an Intangible Cultural Heritage drink for the role it plays in traditional culture – roasted and finely ground coffee beans are simmered in a pot and served in a cup with sugar or a piece of Turkish delight on the side to offset the bitterness.

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