Get hooked: 5 fish dishes to make this week

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Get hooked: 5 fish dishes to make this week

Put the chicken breasts back in the freezer – this week we keep things fast and fresh with fish. If the thought of citrusy poached angelfish, crumbed salmon, sardines on toast, or two ways with trout gets you salivating, this is for you.

Before you get a wholesome dose of protein and omega-3 ensure that you’re buying WWF SASSI green-listed sustainable fish, which includes hake, pole-caught tuna and Cape salmon. To learn more, follow the 10 (new) rules of choosing fish – and how to prepare it -here.

Need to know the number one rule of cooking fish?
Do not overcook it, otherwise you’ll end up with a rubbery, tasteless meal. Stick to the correct recipe timings to ensure that you end up with a perfectly cooked fish dish. Discover how to pan-fry fish perfectly every time with these tips.

Not sure if your fish is fresh?
Look out for these four telltale signs to choosing the freshest fish.


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