Get on the trendy canned fish train with these 3 delicious recipes

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Get on the trendy canned fish train with these 3 delicious recipes

Canned fish is having a moment – a big one. Especially canned fish on toast! We totally get it, and in celebration of this trend (and the fantastic range of canned fish available at Woolworths) we’ve tried out 3 tasty canned fish recipes.


There’s no two ways about it: canned fish is having a moment. And it’s not hard to understand why. There’s the cool, retro-nostalgic packaging. The fact that it lasts forever in the pantry, is so versatile, so ready and able for your next desk lunch. And the fact that it’s so very tasty, really bringing the umami factor. And then finally, there’s the new-found variety!

Gone are the days when your choices were limited to sardines or tuna. (Not that we’re turning up our noses at either). These days, there’s a whole school of canned fish to choose from, from smoked sardines to grilled mackerel, tuna loins to grilled salmon steaks and even cured cod! With that in mind, we’ve tried out 3 delicious canned fish-on-toast recipes – ideal for a quick snack or a snazzy work from home lunch.

Grilled mackerel toasts with parsley salad

Canned fish on toast – could there be anything simpler or more classic? This version with salty mackerel and a crisp parsley salad is the perfect quick summer lunch.
smoked mackerel toastGet the recipe for grilled mackerel toast with parsley salad here.

Spicy sardine-and-tomato toasties

Taking the classic sardines-on-toast to a whole new spicy level.
sardine and tomato toastiesGet the recipe for spicy sardine-and-tomato toasties here.

Fancy grilled salmon toasties

This feels fancy but is actually super simple.
salmon toastie recipeGet the recipe for grilled salmon steak toasties with a lemony and dill crème fraiche here.

If you haven’t yet checked out Woolworths’ range of canned fish – run, don’t walk. There’s a fantastic variety of products available in this ever-growing range, from interesting ways with sardines (smoked, or Brisling sardines with jalapeños), to grilled salmon steaks, white tuna loins and cured cod. And don’t forget about the mackerel, which you can enjoy grilled or coddled in tomato sauce, or even peppered! There’s so much to discover.

canned fish recipes

Shop the range now.

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    Lois Carol Wessels
    March 7, 2022

    Thank you for the great ideas – canned fish is always a great quick easy alternative to cooking!