Global latte trends: it’s all in the foam

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Global latte trends: it's all in the foam

Pink! Purple! Yellow! Blue! Pantone has nothing on the hues baristas around the globe are coming up with using ingredients ranging from purple sweet potatoes to blue algae.

Matcha Mylkbar, Australia

Somewhat of a pioneer in the alternative lattesphere, Melbourne plant-based restaurant Matcha Mylkbar offers ten non-coffee creations including charcoal (of course), apple pie, beetroot and carrot cake. Their signature Smurf latte is made with live E3 algae (yum), ginger, lemon, brown rice malt and coconut “mylk”.

Farmacy, UK

Mushrooms in lattes. It’s a thing. Just ask Matcha Mylkbar (they make theirs using chaga mushroom powder, vanilla essence, coconut milk and brown rice malt) and London’s Farmacy, which calls its creation the Adaptogen latte. Made with reishi and chaga mushrooms, ho shu wu and maca roots, vanilla protein powder and coconut milk, it’s more than a mouthful in more ways than one.

Subspace, Phillippines

At Manila’s Korean pop themed coffee shop Subspace, the purple potato latte has been an institution since 2012. Starring espresso, steamed milk and a local violet- fleshed sweet potato, it’s as famous for its zany colour and earthy taste as it is for its pop-culture latte art – anything from Pokémon and Hello Kitty to Deadpool.

Serotonin Dealer, Australia

Serotonin Dealer in Melbourne serves its lattes with a smile. Literally. The peanut butter version stars soya milk and their own nut butter; the golden latte contains coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper; and the chai latte, soya milk and organic chai spices.

Limitless Coffee and Tea, USA

It turns out the perfumey flavour of lavender goes pretty well with coffee, gauging by the lavender latte love happening on social media. In Chicago, Limitless Coffee and Tea made a limited-edition version using espresso, a lavender blossom simple syrup and micro-textured milk.

Farmgirl, UK

Farmgirl in London quite fancies its drinks pink and flowery. The rose latte stars a double shot of coffee, rose- water-infused milk (you can choose between almond, coconut, cashew and cow varieties) and a sprinkling of dried rose petals, while its hibiscus latte is made with frothed coconut milk and organic hibiscus matcha powder.

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