Beurre blanc

The chef Clémence Lefeuvre invented beurre blanc (white butter sauce), apparently by accident, some time around the beginning of the 20th century.

She served this sauce at her restaurant "La Buvette de la Marine"  situated on the banks of the Loire River in France.

Legend holds that she intended to prepare a béarnaise sauce to go with pike but forgot to add the tarragon and egg yolks.

Beurre blanc is the perfect example of that thought. This easy emulsion of wine and butter will add a whole new layer of flavour to your favourte seafood dish.

It is prepared by reducing wine, shallots, and herbs, if used, until it is nearly dry – similar to hollandaise. Although not necessary, cream can be added at this point to act as a stabiliser. 

Cold cubes of butter are then gradually incorporated into the sauce as the butter melts and the mixture is whisked.

Learn how to make a classic beurre blanc to serve with your seafood.

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