This is a soft cheese with a white mould that has a “mushroom” flavour and a smooth texture.

Woolworth’s brie is award-winning.

Classic Brie

This is a traditionally handcrafted brie made exclusively for Woolworths.

It uses full cream, single-herd Jearsey milk and is ripened for a minimum of 5 weeks to give a creamy texture and a rich, savoury flavour.

Try it in Caramelised figs with Brie or would add to the flavour of Roasted balsamic pear, pecan nut and brie tart.

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Wineland Brie

This perfectly ripe, even-textured, smooth and creamy white mould cheese from Dalewood Fromage, has a deliciously mild flavour.

Find it at Woolworths stores.

Try it in Roasted pear, blue cheese and walnut salad

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