Fromage frais

Fromage frais is fresh curd cheese from France, delicious with berries and honey.
 If you can’t find it, simulate the taste and texture by blending equal part cottage cheese and yoghurt (use Greek-style yoghurt) – but, if heating the mixture, don’t overdo it as you rusk it curdling. Alternatively, use cream cheese.
Here are five ways to use it:
1. Purée some berries with icing sugar or honey. Fold in fromage frais and spoon into a glass. Serve with sweet biscuits.

2. Eat with split, hot baked potatoes.

3. Mix with chopped basil, parsley and spring onion. Drizzle with olive oil. Season with smoked paprika, salt and pepper, and serve with crusty baguette.

4. Mix chopped fruit with vanilla extract, spoon over some fromage frais and sprinkle with treacle sugar.

5. Spoon fromage frais into small cups, pour over melted dark chocolate and add some roasted pistachio nuts.
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