Fior di latte

Fresh mozzarella made from whole cow’s milk, it is pure white and high in moisture. The name means 'milk's flower'. Woolies' fior di latte is made from rBST- (growth hormone) free milk. Great used to stuff deep-fried rice balls.

Mozzarella di Bufalo

Fresh mozzarella made from fresh water buffalo milk. The style originated in Southern Italy and is similar in colour and moisture content to Fior di latte. Try Woolies imported mozzarella di bufala campana.

It's delicious marinated and served with figs in a salad.


Fresh mozzarella made into small, bite sized pieces. In fact, the name means 'little bite' in Italian. It's healthy and light and originally from Naples where it was made from buffalo milk. Today it's made from a mix of buffalo and cow's milk.

We love cooking with Woolies' Fresh Ayrshire Bocconcini which is made from hormone-free cow's milk. Use it in our salad with strawberries, walnuts and avo with redcurrant vinaigrette.


A fresh Italian speciality cheese whose outer shell is solid mozzarella, which encases a mix of the cheese and cream. Once cut, the creaminess oozes out. Serve it, sliced, with strawberries and basil or instead of buffalo mozzarella in our Caprese salad.

Smoked mozzarella

This is fresh mozzarella that is smoked over wood chips. The smoking process gives it a darker colour. Delicious with roast butternut on a pizza.


Processed mozzarella:

This is drier than fresh mozzarella and rubbery in texture, it is used on pizzas because it melts so easily.

Traditional method of making mozzarella

Traditional mozzarella is made in three stages and takes between 1 and 2 days.  Soft curds are formed into balls and kept in whey to ferment. 

Once the fermentation process is complete, the soft curd is melted in hot water.  These curds are then stretched by hand and formed into mozzarella balls. 

The mozzarella is best stored in a light saline liquid and by aging the cheese it reduces the moisture content providing a different style of texture and taste.

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