Nam Plah

Nam Plah is also known as nuoc mam in Vietnam and as fish sauce in the West. It’s a thin brown fish sauce that’s fundamental to Thai food. It’s made by fermenting small whole fish (usually anchovies) in brine and drawing off the liquid, which is then bottled and last seemingly forever.
As a guideline, a tablespoon of fish sauce is roughly the same as a teaspoon of salt. But fish sauce does vary from brand to brand in both altiness and strenght, so be judicious in the amount you use.
It also serves as a condiment on its own or mixed with chopped chillies and, sometimes, a squeeze of lime juice.
Unless used exceedingly infrequently, there’s no need to refrigerate once opened – it keeps almost indefinately in the cupboard.
Steamed sole and green vegetables with Thai-style coconut sauce
Big Hanoy burger with cucumber pickle

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