Rhubarb is originally from the Tibetan region of China and is family of Chinese buckwheat, hence it's classified as a vegetable.


Early rhubarb, exquisitely tender and pink, is one of the treats of late winter. It cannot be eaten raw, but its delicious sharpness can be deployed in umpteen different ways. Use it as an accompaniment to rich meats and poultry, as well as in all the traditional sweet treats, crumbles, tarts, muffins, pies or simply on its own with Greek yoghurt or cream.


You need about one cup of sugar to four cups of rhubarb. Toss the rhubarb pieces and the sugar together and roast under foil in a moderate oven until tender, or poach on top of the stove.


Tip: add a good pinch of salt when cooking rhubarb – it cuts the sharpness, reduces the amount of sugar you need and brings out the flavour in a way that no amount of sugar can.

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