Ricotta is a highly nutritious cheese made predominantly from the whey of other cheeses.
It lasts up to a week if chilled, but to enjoy it at its best, use it within three to four days of buying.
It has a wonderful soft texture and very subtle flavour and complements many dishes, both savoury and sweet.
Try it folded through warm pastas, spread thickly over toastt with honey, baked on pizzas or in salads. 
Woolworths stocks a delicious ricotta cheese, made from Ayrshire milk that is guaranteed to be:
• Free from added rBST hormone • Free from antibiotics- tested daily • Free from animal by-products in feed.
Try Ricotta in:

Baked ricotta tart with bulgur wheat crust
Ricotta, basil and olive filling for baked potatoes
Baked ricotta with cherry tomatoes and Parma ham

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