The unfermented, acid juice of unripe fruit, primarily grapes. Also known as green juice, it has a sour-sweet taste and adds flavour to sauces, mustard, poached fruit desserts and other dishes.

It is similar in taste to white wine, but a little more sour, and can replace wine in cooking. 

Verjuice has been made in the southern-European vineyards for centuries. When the grapes were thinned out to ensure a good main crop, frugal farmers pressed the discarded green grapes and used this unfermented juice for cooking.

This acidic liquor was recently dusted off by Australian chef Maggie Beer and is now also made in South African vineyards. 

It is very versatile alternative to vinegar and can be used in salad dressing, preserves and even baking.

Try it in our verjuice chicken

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