Vintage Cheddar

Woolworths' Vintage Cheddar is an award-winning cheese exclusively produced in South Africa for Woolworths. 

It is made to a unique recipe and matured in a controlled environment. It is matured for 20 months, to give a sweet nutty flavour, and the lactate crystals, small white flecks in the cheese, are not only unique to a matured cheese such as this but add character and flavour.

Try it with Baby spinach soup topped with chunky green olives and oregano

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Also look out for the Vintage Cheddar with peri peri and Peppadew (below), an award-winnig cheese from England.

This 12-month matured Somerset famhouse cheddar has been blended with Peppadews and spicy peri peri for an unusual zing.

Try it with burnt citrus marmelade with cheddar and farmhouse loaf


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