Good, better, biltong!

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Good, better, biltong!

Be it soft and chewy, crisp and spicy or powdered into dust, there’s no snack quite as versatile as biltong.


Whether it’s tiding you over between meals or sustaining you through that hair-raising rugby match, there’s no denying that biltong is the ultimate anytime snack and Woolies has you covered with its extensive range. Take your pick from soft and chewy slices, crispy snapsticks you can really sink your teeth into, or even a nostalgic biltong dust to give your sandwiches that special meaty flair – there’s a biltong for every taste. Made according to a traditional South African recipe and dried and cured to ensure the perfect bite, Woolies’ biltong has the flavour you love.

Serving suggestion: Make a dip by mixing 2 T biltong powder into cream cheese, a little tahini and finish it off with sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds. Or turn biltong into a breakfast accompaniment by baking moist biltong slices and an egg into a puff pastry shell.

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