Got a bag of Opal® apples? Here’s what to make

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Got a bag of Opal® apples? Here's what to make

Infuse Opal® apple in your favourite whiskey or put an Opal® apple spin on katsu curry. This yellow-hued apple will brighten any cold winter day and add some crunch and sweetness to your favourite cocktails, bakes, and even savoury dishes.

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With their sunny golden skin and orange blush, Opal® apples will brighten up your autumn and winter days. These apples are a cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz apples. This cross-breeding results in:

  • A crispy yet juicy apple with flavours of quince, mango, and pear
  • Low oxidation after cutting, making them the perfect apple to add to lunchboxes
  • Firm and crunchy flesh with high sugars which makes it an ideal apple to use in cooking and baking

If you added a bag of Opal® apples to your cart, the options of what to make are endless. Start with these 2 recipes that will yield a spicy cocktail and an easy aromatic dinner that beats any takeout.

Opal® apples infused whiskey

Summer cocktails are usually overflowing with ice and ornately garnished with berries and tropical fruit but when the weather is cold, warm and spiced cocktails are what we reach for. Using Opal® apples and warming spices, the richness of the liquor is pure autumn in a glass. Leave the Opal® apple flavour to infuse into the whiskey for a few days or weeks and create your favourite whiskey cocktails with a twist.

Get the recipe for Opal® apples infused whiskey here.

Opal® apple-coconut curry sauce

If you’ve made a traditional katsu curry, you’ll know that the secret to balancing the flavours of the curry is adding grated Asian pear. Inspired by this method, we’ve swapped the pear for Opal® apples to create an aromatic and fragrant curry sauce that’s spicy, creamy and has a hint of sweetness.

Get the recipe for Opal® apple-coconut curry sauce here. 

Browse more apple recipes here. 

Photography: Shavan Rahim
Videography: Romy Wilson
Recipes: Abigail Donnelly
Food assistant: Cheri Kustner

Opal® apples are bright yellow with a distinctively crunchy texture and a sweet, tangy flavour. They’re naturally non-browning, making them our go-to for packing in kids’ lunchboxes.

Shop Opal® apples at Woolworths here. 

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