Got a bottle of ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice? Here’s what to make

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Got a bottle of ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice? Here’s what to make

We love a chilled, refreshing glass of ClemenGold mandarin juice. This locally made juice, exclusive to Woolworths, can be used in mains and desserts too. Here are 4 recipes to get you inspired to make the most of your bottle of ClemonGold mandarin juice.

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1. Quick midweek dinner

A 20-minute recipe that’s delicious, filling and easy? Sign us up. The ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice adds a touch of sweetness and citrusy zestiness to this sticky pork dish. This is a go-to recipe when you want a fuss-free dinner that’s more than just a sandwich or instant noodles.

ClemenGold-and-mustard-pork-steaksGet the recipe for ClemenGold®️-and-mustard pork steaks sauce here. 

2. Cocktail

You can absolutely make artisanal cocktails at home. Basil pairs perfectly with floral gin notes and pink peppercorns give this cocktail an unexpected spicy kick. Add a splash of ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice to add a citrusy tang. We’re busting out this cocktail the next time we host a dinner party.

Get the recipe for rainbow peppercorn and basil-spiced gin cloud here. 

3. Syrup

Put a twist on two classic dishes: duck a l’orange and banh mi with ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice. Make a thick syrup to pair with duck confit for a party-starting OTT sandwich.

Confit-duck-banh-miGet the recipe for confit duck “banh mi” here. 

4. Dessert

Who doesn’t love ice cream? This is our fancy take on an American classic popsicle: the creamsicle. It’s dead easy to make home-made ice cream, you don’t even need a fancy machine.

Get the recipe for ClemenGold®️ semifreddo and melon ice cream here. 

Woolworths ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice is only available when ClemenGold®️ mandarins are in season. It’s freshly squeezed and contains no added preservatives or other fruit juice blends – just ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice and nothing else. 

Shop at Woolworths. 

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